REC Line and YOU – the client

Manufacturing & Graphics Recruitment

REC Line exists to support your requirements for recruiting the best possible talent for your business.

YES, we have extremely capable candidate sourcing tools.

YES, we have time-served market understanding.

YES, we have a strong network of contacts we can rely on.

BUT, what does all this mean to YOU, our potential client?

Because, we’ve listened to Hiring Managers like you throughout our careers and we actually understand that you’re not always keen on the recruitment process.

We know that identifying and employing the RIGHT talent for your business, when it isn’t the key part of your role, can be both extremely time-consuming AND frustrating.

We know that the cost in time and revenue by recruiting the WRONG candidate can be catastrophic.

We know that going through hundreds of applicant CVs to find the one ideal candidate fit gives you sleepless nights.

We also know that by definition, your experience with Recruiters will have had vastly varied results. Some will deliver, but you may feel more by luck than judgement. Some will fail, despite all their assertions of their talent pool and industry understanding, and you’re left wondering whether they were listening at all.

Few will excel, fewer will act as your PARTNER during the process, and only a handful will leave you with the feeling of money well-invested after a placement.


This is where you can rely on our support and understanding, to help take away the headaches that the recruitment process can so often bring. Or at the very least share those headaches TOGETHER.

We LISTEN to your needs, UNDERSTAND your business and, most importantly it’s culture, and make recommendations accordingly.

We aim to be your partner in not only every hiring but in the unlikely event of a failed hire. We WIN together and we lose together. And we will be fully invested in the process to ensure credibility and full disclosure at all times.

We will be HONEST and upfront in our approach, and want to EARN the right to be considered a specialist extension of your business that you can confidentially rely on, at all times, and under all circumstances.

Why not come and have a conversation, we PROMISE to listen so that we understand, not just so that we can reply.

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